Which chinese and western zodiac signs are compatible?

Free Chinese and Western Zodiac Compatibility

The zodiac compatibility formula factors in the following:

  • Extrovert and introvert trait compatibility
  • Chinese and Western sign compatibility
  • Chinese year element compatibility
  • Chinese and Western Equivalent sign compatibility (ie, Aries is equivalent to a Dragon)

The chart measures all the 144 combinations of chinese and western zodiacs and each pair of signs are given a score based out of 60. The scores in green are compatible matches, scores in yellow are ok matches, and scores in red are the incompatible matches.

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Libra Ox Compatibility

What are Monkey personality traits?


Monkey Sign

Monkey Personality

Positive Traits Quick-witted, Persuasive and Versatile
Negative Traits Egotistical, Disrespectful, Impatient


People born with monkey sign are quick-witted. They are usually the first ones to think of an answer to a problem. The monkey is also persuasive. If they have their eyes on something that they want, they will know how to use words and action to make it come to them. Most importantly, they are versatile, so put them in any situations or environment and they will quickly learn to adapt and overcome the obstacles if they exist.

On the other hand, the monkey can be egotistical. They are a selfish creature which they will push other people aside to make sure them center of attention. The monkey are known to be disrespectful which they will use any method to obtain their own needs and desires without caring for other people. Worst of all, they are impatient so telling them to wait for something will not be an easy task.

What are Sheep personality traits?


Sheep Sign

Sheep Personality

Positive Traits Gentle, Artistic and Kind
Negative Traits Sensitive, Pessimistic and Dependent

The sheep is one of the most gentle animals out there which makes them easy to get along with. They can be artistic by using their creative thinking they can turn this world into a pleasant and beautiful place. Most of all they are really kind which adds to how they are a good relative or friend to have around.

On the other hand, the sheep can be very sensitive to the point that they cannot deal with the world. The obstacles that they face can drag them down to the point of being pessimistic. Worst of all, they are very dependent on others to help them overcome their own struggles.

What are Horse personality traits?


Horse Sign

Horse Personality

Positive Traits Cheerful, Popular, Independent, and Witty
Negative Traits Stubborn, Talkative, Impulsive

The horse is a cheerful animal and will make the atmosphere positive when they are present. They are also very popular so social skills is one of their strong points. The horse is an independent sign which they will be able to carry their own burden without much help. Most of all they are witty to the point that can make intelligent conversations that will attract people to them.

On the other hand, the horse can be stubborn and will not yield to anyone’s opinion sometimes. They can also become very talkative to the point where it can be annoying to listen to. Worst of all, they are impulsive and will make decisions without rational thinking.

What are Snake personality traits?


Snake Sign

Snake Personality

Positive Traits Graceful, Wise, and Deep thinker
Negative Traits Malicious, Possessive, and Unrelenting


The snakes are a graceful animal, the way they talk, move, and display shows that they are at another level. They are very wise which shows that they can absorb experiences quickly and have a great sense of judgment. Most of all, they are a deep thinker and will think through things to make intellectual conversation and solutions.

On the other hand, snakes can be one of the most malicious animals. They sometimes don’t mind using evil methods to achieve what they want without caring for people’s interest. The snake is also possessive in which they will hold on to things and people even if it is not the best for them. Worst of all, they can be unrelenting in which they will stick to what they want or believe and nobody else can change their mind.

What are Dragon personality traits?


Dragon Sign

Dragon Personality

Positive Traits Ambitious, Energetic, Loyal, Moralistic, and Strong
Negative Traits Arrogant, Demanding, Eccentric, Intimidating, and Quick-tempered


Dragons are one of the most ambitious signs, they will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. They are also one of the most energetic signs which keeps them ahead of the game. Even though they may sound like someone who only cares about work, they are very loyal to their friends and family. Dragons also high sense for morals, they will take the high way if it means doing the right thing. Most of all, they are one of the strongest animals so having them on your side is certainly a plus.

On the other hand, dragons can be very arrogant which they don’t think anyone is can be better than them. They are demanding of others, making it very difficult for people to get along with them. At times, the dragon can become eccentric when they become irregular and go against conventions. Imagine that you are facing a dragon, exactly, they are intimidating and are not approachable by others. Worst of all, they are quick-tempered so if you press the wrong buttons, the dragon will blow out its flames!

What are Rabbit personality traits?


Rabbit Sign

Rabbit Personality

Positive Traits Graceful, Artistic, Calm, and Elegant
Negative Traits Cunning, Self-indulgent, and Strict


The rabbit sign is a graceful being. They are very polite and kind to the point that it’s hard not to like them. They have an artistic nature so they tend to move towards career or hobbies that involve the arts. The hare is a calm creature, no matter how crazy things can become, these people will know how to hold themselves together. Best of all, they are an elegant sign so look to them for advice on taste and styles because they sure know what’s the trend.

On the other hand, the rabbit is a very cunning animal. If they want to achieve something, they will find deceptive ways to trick people. If they are obsess with something, they won’t stop themselves from being self-indulgent to the point that it might be harmful to their health or moral values. Worst of all, don’t be dissuade by their peaceful look. Deep down, they are strict in which they will force others to abide by their own rules to accomplish what they want.

What are Tiger personality traits?


Tiger Sign

Tiger Personality

Positive Traits Brave, Energetic, Humanitarian, and Optimistic
Negative Traits Disobedient, Hot-headed, and Impulsive


The bravest of them all, who would that be? You’re right the tiger. When someone needs a hand, these are the first ones to help. They also have a vast amount of energy to which they can become very fun to be around. If the world is coming to an end, well thankfully we have the humanitarian tiger trying to stop that from happening. Yes, these beings love to help the helpless and will do what they can to improve our world. Most of all, when everyone is having a bad day, look for them to change the atmosphere because they are optimistic.

On the other hand, the tiger can be very disobedient. They do not like to be told what to do, in fact, they like to be in control. They can also be hot-headed so try not to make them angry because you can unleash the beast inside of them. Worst yet, they can be so impulsive that they will act on whatever they want and fail to see consequences ahead of them.

What are Ox personality traits?


Ox Sign

Ox Personality

Positive Traits Calm, Dependable, Hardworking, Integrity, and Patient
Negative Traits Stubborn, Bias, Naïve, and Old-fashioned


The ox is one of the calmest animal signs. No matter how crazy situations can get, these people won’t panic as much and will be able to put things back in order. They are very dependable, if you need a friend, they’ll be there for you. If you need to get a job done, they will make sure that is their first priority. The ox loves to work, therefore, you will surely see their hardworking trait. If need people to break the law, the ox is not your best choice because they have a strong sense for integrity. Most of all, the ox is very patient and will persist till the end whether it’s their job or their relationships.

On the other hand, the ox is one of the most stubborn animals. If you want them to convince them that they’re wrong, a lot of time might be wasted. They are also bias and are not able to think fairly or reasonably sometimes. The mind of an ox is also naïve, especially when it comes to love, so don’t try to make things difficult for them to figure out because the ox is as dumb as it looks somtimes. Worst of all, the ox are old-fashioned so they may miss opportunities and are not able to move forward due to their traditional mindset.

What are Rat personality traits?


Rat Sign

Rat Personality

Positive Traits Sociable, Charismatic, Intelligent, and Influential
Negative Traits Acquisitive, Critical, Meddling, Overambitious, and Verbose

People born in the year of the rat are sociable. They have no problem being thrown into a large crowd and having to start a conversation. In fact, people will be drawn to them because they are charismatic. The first animal to win the race, and obviously they won with their brain power. Don’t be surprised when the rat knows the answer to the questions before anyone else. Last but not least, the rat is an influential sign. Most people follow their lead because of all the traits mentioned above, no wonder they are the first of the animal signs.

On the other the hand, the rat is very acquisitive. If they want something badly, they’ll make sure they find a way to acquire it, even if it means getting their hands dirty. They can also be critical to the point that they will fuss over little things and won’t have any other way. If it’s none of their business, they will stick their nose deep into it. In the end, if it impacts what they want, they will interfere to due their meddling nature. Rats can be overambitious to the point that they will push people down so that they can get to the top. Worst of all, their mouths can’t stop, if you don’t want rumors being spread, these are the last ones to share your darkest secrets with.