What are Ox personality traits?


Ox Sign

Ox Personality

Positive Traits Calm, Dependable, Hardworking, Integrity, and Patient
Negative Traits Stubborn, Bias, Naïve, and Old-fashioned


The ox is one of the calmest animal signs. No matter how crazy situations can get, these people won’t panic as much and will be able to put things back in order. They are very dependable, if you need a friend, they’ll be there for you. If you need to get a job done, they will make sure that is their first priority. The ox loves to work, therefore, you will surely see their hardworking trait. If need people to break the law, the ox is not your best choice because they have a strong sense for integrity. Most of all, the ox is very patient and will persist till the end whether it’s their job or their relationships.

On the other hand, the ox is one of the most stubborn animals. If you want them to convince them that they’re wrong, a lot of time might be wasted. They are also bias and are not able to think fairly or reasonably sometimes. The mind of an ox is also naïve, especially when it comes to love, so don’t try to make things difficult for them to figure out because the ox is as dumb as it looks somtimes. Worst of all, the ox are old-fashioned so they may miss opportunities and are not able to move forward due to their traditional mindset.

What are Rat personality traits?


Rat Sign

Rat Personality

Positive Traits Sociable, Charismatic, Intelligent, and Influential
Negative Traits Acquisitive, Critical, Meddling, Overambitious, and Verbose

People born in the year of the rat are sociable. They have no problem being thrown into a large crowd and having to start a conversation. In fact, people will be drawn to them because they are charismatic. The first animal to win the race, and obviously they won with their brain power. Don’t be surprised when the rat knows the answer to the questions before anyone else. Last but not least, the rat is an influential sign. Most people follow their lead because of all the traits mentioned above, no wonder they are the first of the animal signs.

On the other the hand, the rat is very acquisitive. If they want something badly, they’ll make sure they find a way to acquire it, even if it means getting their hands dirty. They can also be critical to the point that they will fuss over little things and won’t have any other way. If it’s none of their business, they will stick their nose deep into it. In the end, if it impacts what they want, they will interfere to due their meddling nature. Rats can be overambitious to the point that they will push people down so that they can get to the top. Worst of all, their mouths can’t stop, if you don’t want rumors being spread, these are the last ones to share your darkest secrets with.

What are Pisces personality traits?


Pisces Zodiac

Pisces Personality

Positive Traits Compassionate, Imaginative, Perceptive, and Sensitive
Negative Traits Escapist, Idealistic, Oversensitive, Weak-willed, and Lazy

The pisces has a great sense of compassion for others. If the world is hurting, these beings will also feel the pain.The fish’s mind is full of imagination, they are so creative that they can put themselves in other people’s shoes with ease. The pisces sign is also perceptive and are able to “coexist” with nature. Which means they usually like organic and earthly materials. Most of all, they are sensitive creatures and will surely help a stranger to the end.

On the other hand, the pisces are known to be escapists. If they are face with confrontations, they tend to run away from them. They are also very idealistic which things can be become too real for them to handle. The heart of the fish is very tender and can sometimes be oversensitive. One should be careful of how criticisms or jokes are shared with them. Worst of all, the last sign of the zodiacs are known to to be weak-willed that they have trouble standing back up when their emotions are disturbed and can become lazy when they have no interest in the matters at hand.

What are Aquarius personality traits?


Aquarius Zodiac

Aquarius Personality

Positive Traits Humanitarian, Independent, Inventive, Friendly, and Intelligent
Negative Traits Detached, Stubborn, Unemotional, and Unpredictable


The Aquarians are easily labeled as humanitarians. Because of them, our world has less social issues because they will go out of their way to help mankind. They are very independent with their personality and mind. They are no followers and will lead with their imagination and personality. The water bearer is also inventive in which they are usually creating something and are top of the latest trends. They are one of the friendliest signs, so making friends is not a problem for them. Most of all, they are very intelligent which their minds can encompass a lot more information than the average being.

On the other hand, the Aquarius sign can be easily detached. The deeper you try to get to know them, the farther they will run from you. They are also stubborn because of their wide and strong thinking. You try to convince them that they’re wrong, they may be fixed on thinking the same with you. While others may be crying, these beings may not show any sympathy because they can be unemotional. Worst of all, things can become chaotic and unpredictable for them to the point that people become afraid around them.

What are Capricorn personality traits?


Taurus Zodiac

Capricorn Personality

Positive Traits Ambitious, Self-Disciplined, Patient, Practical, and Resourceful
Negative Traits Stubborn, Pessimistic, and Selfish


The capricorn is one of the most ambitious signs of them all. They will continuously drive their life forward which success for them, is not uncommon. These creatures are very self-disciplined. You won’t need to make rules for them because they already exist. The goat is extremely patient in which time is rarely an issue for them. When it comes to making important decisions, the halfling will show its practical side which allows them to bring out the best solutions. Most of all, they are resourceful so that they can adapt to difficult situations and be able to settle the issues with ease.

On the other hand, the Capricorn is a stubborn animal. If they are fixed on something, you should save your energy from trying to change their mind. At times, the goat can show its pessimistic side. No matter how accomplished they are, they will still find flaws amongst themselves. Most of all, they are quite selfish so people can get hurt around them because they want to fulfill their own protection or desire first.

What are Sagittarius personality traits?


Sagittarius Zodiac

Sagittarius Personality

Positive Traits Optimistic, Adventurous, Honest, Independent, Intellectual, and Philosophical
Negative Traits Careless, Restless, Irresponsible, Superficial, and Tactless


The Sagittarius is one of the most optimistic signs. No matter how bad the situation can get, they can still see things half full. O what? The Sagittarian is bored? Yep, they are adventurous creatures so they need some excitement and risk in their lives to keep them happy. Are you questioning the archer about their honesty? There’s no need, because they are honest to the point that it might offend some people. Don’t take away their freedom, because they are very independent which means you don’t need to worry about taking care of them. The mind of a Sagittarius is superior. They are one of the fastest learners and will know how to handle several different types of situations and people. Lastly, the archery symbolizes that the Sagittarian is philosophical and that they are aiming for the truth and wisdom.

On the other hand, the Sagittarians can become careless. They may take more risks and ignore the consequences that come with it. If they become bored, one can see their restless behavior. Such characteristics can lead to an irresponsible personality where they only care about themselves. For them, it takes time to learn and understand things so they rather take the easy route by knowing the basics. Worst of all, the half arch-centaur is tactless where they don’t have patience to understand things so they will be direct to the point that people’s feelings can be hurt.

What are Scorpio personality traits?


Scorpio Zodiac

Scorpio Personality

Positive Traits Determined, Passionate, Intuitive, Loyal, Magnetic, and Resourceful
Negative Traits Jealous, Obsessive, Resentful, Secretive, and Suspicious


The scorpio sign is one of the most determined people that you will find. If they are set on something, nothing is going to stop them from getting it. They have a passionate heart so they put their 110% in everything that they take interest in. Ever heard of mind readers? Well these beings come closes to it because they are intuitive. They have the best memory and have a great sense of people and things around them. When you need someone to help you, you can count on Scorpios because they are loyal and will never betray their loved ones. When a Scorpio is in your vicinity, you will sense this magnetic pull from them which is their secret charm that’s hard to notice. Most of all, when troubles come, having a Scorpion around you will surely give you an upper hand because they will find solutions that other people cant.

On the other hand, the stinger can become a jealous creature. They want control of their materials and especially their loved ones, so stay true to them or they will sting you back. Scorpions are obsessive when they have a strong interest in things or people. Do not try to hurt the Scorpio heart, because they are resentful and are sensitive to most negative attacks towards them. Because they can get easily hurt, they are secretive with their feelings and mind. Above all, because of their powerful minds, they are suspicious when things don’t seem clear to them so avoid lies and unjust actions or you will face the confrontation with them.

What are Libra personality traits?


Libra Zodiac

Libra Personality

Positive Traits Diplomatic, Charming, Idealistic, Just, Peaceful, Romantic, Sociable
Negative Traits Indecisive, Self-indulgent, Superficial, Unreliable


People born under the scale sign are known to be diplomatic. When there is a fight, these people will have the best judgement to settle it. In addition, the Librans are charming which people will be inclined to them. These beings are idealistic which helps them lead with high standards for others to follow. They are just, meaning they will treat people and situations with fairness. Even if they will have to suffer for it, they will do the right thing at all cost. Say no to conflicts, for the Librans are known to be keepers of peace. With such a refined being, one can imagine how romantic Librans can be. Yes, these loving creatures surround their lives with the word “love”. Most of all, these scales can turn into a social butterfly easily so don’t think these creatures are afraid to start up a conversation with anyone.

On the other hand, Librans can be very indecisive. Why, because of the scale, they want to make the fairest decision and sometimes choosing one side is the only option and that’s a nightmare for them. If there is something they desire badly, they can become self-indulgent in which they will do whatever it takes to make themselves happy. Worse yet, they can become superficial and will overlook everything else if beauty has their attention. In the end, the fairest of them all can be unreliable because they can change their mind so quick and forget their priorities.

What are Virgo personality traits?


Virgo Zodiac

Virgo Personality

Positive Traits Analytical, Intelligent, Practical, Reliable, Meticulous, Modest
Negative Traits Fussy, Conservative, Harsh, Overcritical


The Virgo people are born with an analytic mind. No matter how complex things can get, they are able to see straight to the logic. They are meticulous so are great at catching all the details. They are also intelligent which gives them a great memory and they can absorb facts and details at a high capacity. The virgins are practical and logical people so definitely count on them when a rational decision needs to be made. If one needs help, the Virgos are a great resource because they are reliable. These people won’t let their own emotions stop them from achieving the goal. Best of all, with all these strong positive traits, the Virgins are still modest and will not boast about their reputable achievements.

On the other hand, Virgos can become fussy, meaning they can get caught up with details which they must make sense of things before they can let it go. They are also conservative in which they are not the type to accept new or try risky ideas. If you like to take things easy, this person is not the one, they are harsh. If you make a mistake, you’re going to have to redeem yourself before they forgive you that easily. Lastly, the Virgin has an overcritical mind, if there’s something wrong in their vision, they will point it out even if it may hurt someone deeply.

What are Leo personality traits?


Aries Zodiac

Leo Personality

Positive Traits Generous, Loyal, Warm, Ambitious, Confident, Encouraging, Kind
Negative Traits Dominating, Arrogant, Pretentious, Melodramatic, Vain


People born under the Leo sign are generous. They are not hesitant to give more than others when it comes to love, family, friends, or other matters. Leos have a strong sense for loyalty so don’t worry about them stabbing you in the back, in fact, they will probably save their loved ones from getting stabbed. When one of these lions are in your presence, prepare to feel a sudden increase in temperature due to their significantly warm personalities. Just like their common nickname “the king of the jungle”, these animals are leaders of the pack with their confidence, making them perfect leaders who can accomplish almost anything that’s in their mindset. In the end, when times are tough, the Leo will lift up everyone’s spirit with their encouragement and kindness.

On the other hand, the Leo sign has a tendency to dominate people. They may ignore other people’s feelings and force their way to obtain what they desire. Their arrogance will make them think highly of themselves which can sometimes hurt others around them. Sometimes, if they are brought up in a reputable background, the pretentious side will come out. The king of the jungle will demand things that they feel is entitled to them. When their emotions are high, they will certainly become melodramatic which will cause them to lose sight of rationality and would say and do things that may seem offensive and damaging to others. All in all, when there is so much pride and arrogance in a personality, it can become hostile and uncomfortable for other animals in the kingdom.